Report 17/8/18

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Report 17/8/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:21 pm

We've just had the Dave Irvine comp and a lot of good snapper were caught, with the biggest knobby going 94cm. A few pearlies caught as well, with most competitors fishing around the 10-40m mark.

Kingies have been active, getting caught from most of the islands and jigged out at that 100m mark.

There aren't many tuna or mackerel at the moment.

On the beaches there are still some sizeable tailor around, and we're also getting good runs of big bream. The odd jew is popping up as well.

Back into the river mouth, a lot of blackfish are being caught in good sizes and good numbers. Anglers are also picking up drummer and the groper off most the headlands.

Back to the river, a lot of quality flathead are getting caught. Most people have been fishing in the shallows on the top of the tide on the run-out and are getting plenty of good size fish. Bream have been getting caught right up into the brackish reaches.

Plenty of little soapy jew are getting caught around most of the bridge pylons, and they're good sizes for the river.

Whiting have been a bit sluggish, but i did near of a pro who netted 70kg of them in a day. It seems as though it's just a matter of figuring out where they are.

Plenty of trevally are getting around in the rivers, with anglers getting mixed bags of bigeye, GTs and silver trevally. One angler even caught a little diamond trevally, an unusual catch for the area.


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