Report 5/10/18

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Report 5/10/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:44 pm

Outside there are still good numbers of snapper. Some of the bigger ones over the past week have been up around the 80cm mark. A lot of pearl perch are being caught amongst them, along with a few tuskies for anglers using bait. Tuskies may take the odd plastic, but they prefer bait.

Getting into that deeper water, around 60-80m, there are plenty of kingfish. They've been reaching in excess of 15kg over the past week. There are amberjack and samsonfish there too.

In a little big closer in the 10-15m wash zone, we're still getting plenty of tailor, with the odd kingfish chasing around them. The great thing about the wash is that there's also the option of chasing groper and drummer, which have been getting targeted a fair bit lately.

There are also good runs of early longtails. They can be found just out of the mouth of the harbour all the way out to 80m of water. There are mac tuna as well, and lots of bonito which is good for the bait freezer.

Coming back into the headland, locals have been getting good numbers of quality jew. A friend of mine went out on the weekend and got three -– not huge but a good eating size.

Still off the headland there are good numbers of drummer around. There have been plenty of groper too.

Back into the river, we've been seeing good numbers of flathead congregating around the mouths of most rivers, getting their pre-season spawn on. And the big drawcard now in late spring and into summer is whiting, with lots of people stocking up on poppers. There aren't huge reports yet but there are a few whiting around.

We've been having good runs of bream all up and down the estuary, and there are also good numbers of trevally at this time of year, cruising around the system. There's a mix of trevally species and they range up to 2-3kg.

The blackfish are starting to slowly come off the chew. There are still a few getting caught but as we move into the warmer months catches will slowly die off.

There are a few crabs around, but remember that they can be empty at this time of year. If they feel light when you pick them up, or they feel a bit soft, they're not worth keeping.


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