Report 7/12/18

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Report 7/12/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:58 pm

Out wide there are some dolphinfish getting caught around the FAD and wave recorder. I heard a couple of reports of the odd wahoo out there as well, which is pretty early for them.

Coming in a bit closer around that 60m mark there have been some good kingfish around, mixed in with amberjacks and samsonfish.

There are still some snapper around, mostly caught in that deeper water around 40-50m.

A bit closer you've still got your mixed bag of reef species, such as parrotfish, goatfish, morwong and the odd wrasse.

Around the beaches there has been a good run of jew, with some sizeable specimens getting around. They've been mixed in with the odd tailor, and plenty of bream and whiting.

Around the headlands there are still good runs of jew, along with tailor and the odd kingfish as well. It's been a pretty good season for the kings this year.

In the river we're getting some really nice bream and plenty of whiting. Most are taken on surface lures or the ever-reliable yabby.

Good numbers of flathead are being reported. The flatties have been congregating in groups, so if you find one you'll find ten.

There are lots of small jew in the rivers, ranging from 45cm-1m, mostly caught at night.

Black fish are starting to dwindle, although there are still a few getting caught in the marina. Anglers are also picking up the odd jack at night on live baits.

You never know what you might catch at this time of year. There's always the chance of encountering a tropical visitor such as a golden trevally, giant herring or grunter.

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