Report 4/1/18

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Report 4/1/18

Post by subeditor » Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:31 pm

Offshore we've had a big temp drop over the last 2 weeks. Just before Christmas it was 24-25 degrees, and now it has dropped down to around 20 degrees. We're also getting a lot of noreasters so the water clarity isn't great. Having said that, there has been the odd marlin out wide, mainly blues and stripes with the odd black thrown in. There are been a lot of dollies as well with the odd wahoo amongst them. They're taking lures around the FAD and wave recorder and all those wider marks. There have been hardly any reports of mackerel.

As you move in there have been a few rat kingies around the lighthouse taken on livebaits and jigs. There are snapper around with them as well in the inshore reefs. The trag are really starting to bite, the same as the deepwater jew.

Moving into the beaches and the headlands, there are a few tailor getting spun on metal lures and pilchards, and there are a lot of bream and trevally as well. Anglers are picking up whiting and dart in the beach gutters.

In the rivers we've had good reports of flathead, whiting and the odd jack. With that bit of rain we had before Christmas, the bass have been really active.


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