Report 25/1/19

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Report 25/1/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jan 25, 2019 3:49 pm

Out wide we're getting reports of blacks averaging around 60-80kg. There are plenty of them from South West Rocks all the way up the coast; they're even getting them in Port.

Dolphinfish have shown up in good numbers and sizes; just the other day a mate of mine got a 1.2m fish. They're being caught from most of the FADs, wave recorders and out at the Lump.

The wahoo haven't come on yet, but we can expect that to change over the next month or so. There are a few reports of people hooking them while chasing marlin and getting bitten off.

In closer around the 50-60m mark is where the mackerel have been. We're not getting many in close because of the cooler water; the mackerel are preferring the 24-degree water out wide. The spearos are doing well but line anglers are not. Most reports are coming from Grassy Head, South West Rocks and Scotts Head. It may seem strange that mackerel can be caught both north and south of Coffs but not actually here. There's a reason for that - it's our islands, which push the hot current out. We need those big southerlies that come with February, so the hot current can come in behind the islands.

Back in 40m of water there have been good reds, also pearl perch which is good for this time of year. The colder water in close is good for pearlies, tuskies and snapper.

In that same 40-50m mark we're seeing some good kings. Anglers are getting them from the wash around the islands and jigging for them in that deeper water. It doesn't matter whether you're fishing stickbaits, plastics or metals, as everything is catching kingies. It's been a really good season for these fish, even in close. I've been getting them off most of the walls for years, and this year has been particularly good, with both big numbers and big sizes.

Back towards the beach areas we've been getting plenty of good whiting and some nice bream. There are some school-size jew mixed in. I haven't heard of any monsters lately.

Back into the rivers, we've been doing well on the flathead. Most have been congregating in one area up near the mouths of the river, 1-2km back from the mouth. I've heard of some big ones getting caught.

Mixed in are whiting and bream, they've been in good numbers as well. The whiting on the flats are ranging between 30-45cm. They're not real crackers but still decent fish.

There are plenty of school jew in the river, with anglers getting good numbers around the pylons. Most of the rivers fishing are pretty well for them.

Some jacks are around as well, with most taken on live bait.

In the brackish areas there's the odd giant herring around. The flyfishos are out there hassling those guys, hoping to be lucky enough to get one. These fish aren't common but you do occasionally encounter them in the rivers. if you find one there will usually be a couple more. And if you don't catch one, there are plenty of trevally around to save the day. Bigeyes, GTs and tealeaf trevally are all getting caught.

In the fresh there are good numbers of bass. Every year the bass fishing gets better and better, thanks to more people practicing catch and release.

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