Report 15/2/19

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Report 15/2/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 15, 2019 3:25 pm

Out wide there have been some marlin getting caught, both blues and stripes. Nothing massive, but I heard of a 140lb stripe last week which is a good fish.

Dolphinfish are another big drawcard, with lots of people going to the FAD and wave recorder chasing them.

Mackerel aren’t in big numbers at the moment, but the water is getting better as the days go on, so a lot of people are getting the mackerel gear out. If you can find that warmer 26-degree water, you should find the mackerel. At the moment that warmer water is around the 30-40m mark. Both Spanish and spotted mackerel are being caught, and we can expect their numbers to grow.

Most of the kingfish caught lately have still been around the islands in the washy zones. Guys have been pulling fish close to a metre, so there are definitely still some good kingies there.

Around that 20-25m mark there have been some good snapper and pearlies caught, with few tuskies as well. Bear in mind that when a warm 25-26° current sticks around for a while, the snapper may not taste as good as usual. Warm water affects kingfish even more; their flesh can turn mushy and be pretty much inedible. To see whether warm water has affected a kingfish, press your thumb on its body just above the pectoral fin. If your thumb sinks any more than half an inch, throw the fish back.

On the beaches everyone is chasing a feed of sand whiting. We’ve had a really good run of them this year. There are lots of bream, dart and tarwhine all mixed up in there with them. There are reports of a few school jew as well, with most fish caught around an hour before and an hour after the turn of the tide.

In the rivers we’ve been doing pretty well on the flathead. We’re catching them in all sorts of areas – right up in the shallows in a couple of foot of water, right down to 10-15m drops. There are some big specimens amongst them.

The bream guys also doing pretty well. There are a lot of surface lures getting thrown around, and they’re always a fun way to spend time on the water. Two of the most productive are the Bassday Sugapen, and Zipbaits Skinny Pop.

Whiting are being caught on the flats, and fishing the incoming tide is the way to go, targeting the holes where the yabbies are.

The freshwater fishing has been a bit dismal, with water levels dropping a bit due to the lack of rain. Still, there are a few bass around for those anglers who put in the effort. The best times are early in the morning, late in the afternoon and into the night.

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