Report 22/2/19

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Report 22/2/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 22, 2019 4:41 pm

Offshore the water conditions are starting to get a lot better than they were last week. The southerlies are starting to bring in some nice water for the marlin, and we were getting good reports of blacks and stripes before the wind set in. It looks like it won't die down for a week or so.

The dollies have been firing really well at the FAD and wave recorders, with fish to 1.2m. Out in that same depth, around 80m, there are some kings still being caught on knife jigs, mixed in with a few amberjack and samsonfish.

The islands all have been fishing pretty well in the washes for snapper, tailor and kingfish. They're not big but are still good fun.

Moving into that 40-50m depth range, some good snapper around 3-4kg are being caught. Mixed in are pearlies, tuskies and the odd king. There are also a few goatfish being caught, and I'm told they are great on the plate.

In closer in 10-15m of water, the snapper have been very few and far between, with only the odd kayaker getting one. The deeper water tends to fish better at this time of year.

The mackerel have finally turned up! We had been starting to see dribs and drabs, and now anglers are getting solid numbers of 4-5 fish a boat. I've even heard of blokes releasing fish. Most of the baries are around 10-15kg with the odd one up to 24kg (there's also still the odd spotty). Still, it hasn't been the greatest of years. If you're expecting to come here and do as well as you have in the past, you'll probably be disappointed.

The beaches have been fishing well for whiting, bream, dart and flathead. Most have been caught on flesh baits, and worms are picking up a few as well. There are plenty of worms on the beaches if you want get some yourself.

The mouth of the river is fishing pretty well with that little bit of rain pushing the bait down. Early mornings and late arvos are working fairly well if you have a good tide. There are plenty of whiting, flathead and bream around out the front. I haven't heard of school jew catches but that could be because people are chasing other species. There should be a few school jew hanging around most pylons or timbered snags. Fishing hour before or after the change should pay dividends.

A few jacks are being taken but they're spread out, and it's hard to pinpoint where they are. Only the experienced anglers seem to be having any luck; everybody else is feeling pretty frustrated. Livebaiting is key for your best chances. Surface lures are catching their share in the mornings, and hardbodies and plastics have also been accounting for a few.

Back towards the bassy areas, we have a bit more water due to the rain, and a few more bass catches.

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