Report 1/3/19

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Report 1/3/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 01, 2019 3:18 pm

The cyclone has meant that fewer anglers have been out fishing. Those people who have managed to get out wide past the shelf haven't had much luck on marlin. There are pretty good numbers of striped tuna though and, when the current has slowed, anglers fishing down deep around 400m have been getting a few bar cod, tile fish, and so on.

In a bit closer, anglers who have gone to the FADs chasing dollies have said it's pretty dead out there, even though the water is warm and clean.

There are still a few snapper and other reef fish in the deeper water, and some reasonable snapper in close as well.

Mackerel are starting to show up on the inshore reefs, with some good specimens to around 18kg being caught on trolled live baits. A couple have also been caught on stickbaits. A few cobia are also taking baits and lures meant for mackerel.

We're seeing a few mac tuna starting to poke around, and there are also reports of small yellowfin up to around 8kg.

Off the rocks anglers have been getting into quite good numbers of tailor, with most taken on 20-60g metal lures. There haven't been many reports of jewfish, but they should start firing up in the coming months as temperatures decrease.

A few blackfish are being caught on weed around the headlands.

In the river there are still some big flathead being caught on big 7-9" soft plastics (e.g. Lunker City Slug-Gos in white and pink), and also on 150-200mm swimbaits (e.g. Westin Hypo Teez in whiting colour).

Anglers are continuing to get some good whiting on topwater lures. There's also the chance of a jewfish while fishing the tide changes around structure at night, on either 3-6" paddle tail plastics or 70-100mm soft vibes.

I haven't heard of too many bream catches lately, but there's still a heap of trevally around, mostly a bit higher in the estuary. They will take soft plastics thrown at snags as well as topwater in early mornings and late afternoons.

There are still a few bass getting around; a customer got 20 on topwater yesterday, which is good to hear.

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