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Report 8/3/19

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 4:00 pm
by Nicole Penfold
Out behind the Patches the FAD and wave recorder have been yielding good dollies as long as the current is there. Anglers are getting good numbers and good size fish over 1m.

In between FAD and wave recorder been a few wahoo caught in the past few days, which is good considering they haven't been here for most of the year.

Marlin are still a bit touch and go. I have heard of the odd one here and there, but generally at this time of year there should be more.

In closer around the islands, the washes have been fishing reasonably well, with the odd snapper and kingfish caught out of the wash. Just be safe out there at this time of year, especially with the swell we have. Getting in close to those washes can be dangerous.

We're also still seeing good numbers of amberjack and samsonfish caught in 50-60m of water on knife jigs and livebaits.

In closer again in 30-40m of water there are good numbers of tuna, following the garfish that have just shown up. Generally when the gar show up the tuna aren't far behind. Anglers have been catching longtails, stripes and even the odd jellybean yellowfin.

In that 20m mark there's still the odd snapper being caught by kayak fishers, but the big drawcard is the mackerel. Yes, they have shown up! There are good numbers of spotties around, but not many baries. Most people are struggling a bit, but there's the odd lucky boat that's bagged out by 9am. And one customer recently caught a massive barie, the first one he'd ever caught. He was new to the area so we gave him a couple of GPS marks, and he went out slow trolling slimies and caught a 40.9kg fish. He was stoked.

The beaches have been fishing pretty well for bream, whiting, flathead and dart. The mulloway have been a bit touch and go; I've heard of a couple caught over the past week or so, but not many.

Moving onto the headlands, the water has been beautiful for most people fishing the ledges, so mackerel and tuna are definitely a drawcard this month. I recently got a 12kg longtail off the stones on a Cutting Edge Perpetrator.

The kingfish are slowly starting to move off the headlands, and the tailor are scarce, which is a sign that mackerel are about.

Most of the mouths of the rivers have been fishing well, yielding mackerel, tuna and kingfish. I've heard of a few good bags of bonito over the past week too, with people stocking up on bait. The mulloway have been pretty shut down.

In rivers, the flats pushing up on to the high tide have been producing really well for whiting. A lot are being taken on surface lures, but yabby and worm will work just as well.

There have been plenty of flathead around in good numbers and sizes, taken on soft plastics and hardbodies. Regular customer Elksy recently caught a 96cm fish on a soft plastic.

In the fresh we've been having good afternoon storms, and the prime time is 30-45 minutes before the storm. The bass go off!

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