Report 22/3/19

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Report 22/3/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 22, 2019 4:37 pm

Out wide there have been some good runs of wahoo coming through. There has also been the odd dolly between the wave recorder and the FAD. Marlin are still nowhere to be seen yet.

A bit closer the kingies are still showing up at most of the island washes. They’re mostly rats around 50-80cm. There’s the odd tailor mixed in, along with the occasional drummer and groper in the washes.

A bit closer back in that 40-50m mark we’re seeing good numbers of nice snapper. They seem to be pushing for that colder water down deep. Baits on the bottom are working well.

It’s mackerel fever at the moment! The mackerel are being caught anywhere from 10-60m of water. They’ve been very spread out but are in good numbers. Most boats are getting at least one or two. Size-wise, most of the spotties are 6-9kg and the Spanish are averaging 12-15kg. There are reports of some crazy sizes; the biggest confirmed here this week was 35.6kg, from Whitmore Shoals.

In a bit closer around 20-30m there's been a few snapper for the kayakers but not many. At this time of year when there's warmer water in close, the snapper tend to go wide.

The garfish are here in full swing, and the tuna seem to be everywhere. At around 8-15kg they’re not huge, but they're plentiful. They’re being picked up anywhere from 15-60m of water, being caught by guys chasing mackerel.

The beaches have been fishing well for bread and butter species like bream, whiting and tarwhine. The odd flathead is getting caught too. The whiting have been a little more tough, although the experienced fishos are still catching a feed.

Tailor are very scarce, which generally happens at this time of year. This could be caused by a combination of warm water and mackerel.

Off the rocks there are good numbers of tuna getting caught, and good kingfish around most headlands around 60-90cm. If you're lucky you might catch a mackerel on the top of the tide. Tailor, again, are very hard to find. The drawcards coming into the colder months are groper and drummer, and a few are starting to get caught.

The rivers have been fishing pretty much the same as last week. There’s still nice clarity at mouths of the rivers, and you can catch good flathead and whiting there as they eat the bait that’s pushed out from the fresh.

Jewfish are starting to slowly come on the chew. There are good numbers in mid reaches, and places like pylons, bridges, and deeper drop-offs are usually the key areas around the tide change.

In the fresh the bass are trying to put on as much weight as they can before they do their dash downstream, so now is a good time to get yourself a couple of decent bass before the season comes to an end.

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