Report 5/4/19

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Report 5/4/19

Post by subeditor » Fri Apr 05, 2019 3:32 pm

Starting outwide, we've been seeing good wahoo, and mixed in has been the odd dollie. 60-80m seems to be the prime depth, and between FADs, the wave recorder and the lighthouse there seems to be good numbers available.
Coming in closer, most islands are fishing well for kings, and any wash zones in 15-20m with a sharp drops off are holding good kings.
Closer still, coming into the 30-40m mark, there's still good mackerel fishing available, and it seems to be about 5 to 1 with spotties to Spaniards. Finding water between 24-25 degrees is the key.
In 30-20m, the snapper fishing has been fairly consistent, but with the warmer water they can be a bit patchy. Mixed in with them you'll find some decent pearlies and tuskies.
Out offshore as well there are some quality jew, with some specimens coming in at over 20kg.

Along the beaches, most anglers are finding good fishing on the dart, bream and whiting.
For those after jew on the beaches, they are there, but results lately have been inconsistent. Next month will be the time to start doing this seriously.

On the rocks, kings have been very prevalent. There hasn't been anything too big, with the biggest fish around 80-90cm, but plenty of good rats in great numbers. You'll also find tailor mixed in with them.
As we go into the colder months, a lot of groper and drummer should start to show up. Reports are already coming in from those fishing for these species.
Bread and butter species are going strong off the stones, but the major draw card is still pelagics, with tuna and mackerel rewarding those who put in the time and effort.

In the river, there's been some good flushes of rain, meaning a lot of the bait is congregating around the mouth, and with the is the jew, flathead, whiting, an the odd pelagic fish.
In the brackish areas, the water is a bit dirty to find consistent fishing.
If fishing the fresh, you're probably best to get to the top stretches where the water is cleaner.

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