Report 12/4/19

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Report 12/4/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 12, 2019 3:01 pm

Out wide there’s the odd marlin starting to come through for those anglers putting in the time. It’s been a struggle this year for the marlin, so it’s good to hear reports of them coming in.

If the marlin aren’t playing the game, there are plenty of wahoo and dolphinfish to fall back on. Most have come from around the lighthouse, FAD and wave recorder.

A bit closer in the washes on most of the islands, the kingies are still there. They’re not great sizes but there are lots of them. There’s also the odd snapper showing up amongst them.

Coming away from the islands in 3-40m of water, anglers are picking up some good snapper, pearlies and trag at the moment.

Conditions have been great for the mackerel, with good numbers being caught. You’ll get about five spotties to one barrie.

In closer in around 10-15m of water, kayakers are still catching the odd snapper and kingy.

As days become cooler we’ll start to see snapper, jewfish, pearlies and tuskies coming on a bit thicker, so the next few weeks should see some good bottom bouncing.

On the beaches there are still bream, whiting and flathead being caught, but the big drawcard in the coming month is the jewfish. As the temps drop we’ll see a lot of these fish around; they seem to like water 21-22°C. After Easter is a prime time.

The jew are there for a reason, and that reason is the tailor. We’ll notice a lot of tailor pop up over the next month. Reports are already coming in of a few tailor here and there, and some good sizes.

Tailor catches traditionally increase as mackerel catches dwindle. While the mackerel are around, divers have noticed the tailor huddled under rocks and not moving as much. When the macks move on, the tailor come out. Another influencing factor is probably the cooler water temperatures, which the tailor seem to prefer.

Most of the headlands will be yielding good catches of drummer and groper in the coming month, as well as tailor.

Most of the rivers have been fishing well over the past week, thanks to the flush from the rain. There are a lot of baitfish around, and the bream, whiting and flathead are all going to be big drawcards coming into the next month. Whiting catches will dwindle, especially off the surface.

The flathead have been biting well. If you catch one, stay there and keep fishing hard, as the male flatties like to congregate around the females.
Jacks should be slowly starting to come off the chew, although they can still be caught.

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