Report 18/4/19

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Report 18/4/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:54 pm

Out wide at the moment there’s a nice run of wahoo, ranging from around 10kg-28kg. The marlin are hard to find, with only the odd one being reported.

The dollies have been pretty active this week, with some good runs at the lighthouse, wave recorder and the FAD.

The washes have been fishing fairly well for a mixed bag of tailor, snapper and kingfish around most of the islands.

In closer around the 40m mark is where most of the snapper have been getting caught. Finding colder water seems to be the key; if you can find water around 21-22 degrees you should find fish. There are some good pearlies being caught as well; this week alone there were some really cracking reports of guys bagging out before 9am on the pearlies. There’s also the odd tuskfish and goatfish.

Mackerel are everywhere, mainly spotties. Most of the Spanish caught have been trolled up on lures, as it’s hard to get the livies past the spotties. Productive lures are Rapala X-Raps, Halco Laser Pros and Samaki Pacemakers. Dead baits such as gar are also working well.

There are also tuna about – yellowfin, mac, bonito and longtails. If you’re not finding mackerel you will probably find a lot of tuna, and the only solution (if you want mackerel) is to move. Ditto if there are sharks. Sharks aren’t usually a problem here but there have been more of them around lately.

In closer around 10-15m the snapper have been fairly hard to catch, but the odd kayaker has been getting them here and there.

Around the rocks is fishing fairly well for tuna and kingies. One bloke got a 6kg kingy off the rocks this morning, which is a nice fish for off the stones. The biggest drawcard though is tailor. As water cools the tailor become thicker. You’ll maximize your chances if you avoid headlands that have deeper water, because the mackerel there can shut down the tailor. In shallow headlands with 5-6m of water, the mackerel tend to stay away.

Most of the rivers are fishing fairly well, with whiting still getting taken on flesh baits like prawns, and the odd popper. As the water conditions get colder we’ll find the surface luring won’t work as well.

There’s still the odd bream being caught over the flats, and if you’re lucky you might get a surface hit from a big flathead.

In the brackish reaches we’ve been getting good runs of jewfish. Around the Easter holidays is a good time to target them as they follow the mullet run.

There’s also the odd bass bycatch in the brackish reaches. If you happen to catch one, please handle it gently and get it back in the water as quickly as possible so it can spawn.

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