Report 17/5/19

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Report 17/5/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri May 17, 2019 3:03 pm

We've been having some really nice clear water out wide but the marlin are still few and far between. It's looking like they might not come through this year like they usually do.

There's the odd wahoo mixed in, but the big drawcard has been dolphinfish. Plenty are being caught out near the FADs and wave recorder.

Most most of the island washes have been fishing well for snapper and kingfish. Generally at this time of year we find most of the snapper are in water a bit deeper.

Mackerel are still a popular target. If you can find water around 22-23 degrees, you have a good chance of catching Spanish and spotted mackerel. The depths have varied, with some blokes finding them in 40m and other blokes finding them in 10m; it all comes down to the temperature.

A lot of kingfish coming through now, a long with some samsons and amberjack, and 40-60m is where most are getting caught. The kingfish will start to get more and more thick as we move into the colder months. Vertically jigging starting to be come more popular, particularly knife jigs. One of the most popular is the Samaki Hummer V2 in pilly and bubblegum, but there are other knife jigs that will do the job just fine.

In closer in 40-50m of water we're noticing great numbers of pearl perch and tuskfish. There's also the odd snapper. As the water gets cooler more snapper will get closer in.

In 15-20m, there's the odd snapper, and kingfish are roaming between the islands and the shore. There are also mackerel being caught in as little as 10m of water.

The beaches have been fishing really well for school jew, and big tailor are also getting around. There are also good numbers of dart, whiting, bream and flathead. The bream fishing in particular is really starting to pick up as they prepare to spawn.

Most of the headlands are fishing quite well for jew – a sign that the mullet run isn't too far away. Groper and drummer are also becoming a more popular target for rock hoppers as we move into the colder months. Rock fishers are reporting tuna in plague proportions this year. Generally with longtails you don't see them under 10-12kg but there have been loads this year in the 6-8kg range.

With mullet in the river mouths, most blokes chasing jew have a good shot in the following weeks. Coming into the new moon is the best option. The mullet run was a bit late this year, possibly due to the water conditions. There are also lots of bream being caught.

Jew anglers are getting large flathead as by-catch. Please handle these big breeders carefully and try to get them back in the water as quickly as possible.

In the upper reaches the brackish stones are fishing well for bream, and flathead. Occasionally you'll catch an unusual species like a tarpon or giant herring.

Whatever you're chasing, remember that we're in the middle of a change of seasons, so the fishing can be hot and cold.

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