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Weekly Report 17/08/07

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2007 10:45 am
by Tony Zann
Offshore: Still a very good run of big snapper if you can get a bait through the leatherjackets. Snapper are in shallow water and, strangely enough, there are some very large pearl perch in close as well. Best pearlie last week was 5.75kg – you’d almost think you were in WA!
Still good bream along the beaches but they are getting patchy and difficult to find among the salmon. Also some dart turning up on the beach gutters.
Lower estuaries fishing well for salmon with a chance of a flathead or two.
The rocks are turning up nice luderick and some very good tailor if you can get the bait through the salmon.
All in all, if you’re chasing salmon, you should have no problems whatsoever!
Peter Russell, Fish Tackle Australia 6652 4611