Weekly Report 07/02/14

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Weekly Report 07/02/14

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 07, 2014 2:27 pm

We’re having another good mackerel month. The Spanish are thick and the spotties are plentiful as well.

The marlin are getting caught out fairly wide now, with not many in close. While you’re out there you can always drop down for a blueye trevalla or other tasty deepwater fish.

Snapper are being caught in 15-30m of water at the moment. The kayak guys are getting a few which is great.

Plenty of good whiting are being caught, many of them on surface walkers and poppers.

A lot of beach fishos are talking about a good run of bream starting to come up along the beaches.

Flathead have been around in good numbers. Some of the boys are talking about 15-20 fish a session, especially at the mouth of the rivers.

We’ve been getting a reasonable run of bonito compared to most years, with the odd yellowfin and longtail mixed in. Around 2kg is the biggest size bonito, and the longtails and yellowfin are up to 10-15kg.

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