Weekly Report 20/02/14

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Weekly Report 20/02/14

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Feb 20, 2014 2:10 pm

Outside there have been quite a few good Spanish caught, but they’re a bit on the patchy side; one day they’ll be there in force and the next day they’ll be gone. It’s hard to get livies at the moment but dead bonito and slimies are effective substitutes.

Areas like Bullocky and the Lighthouse are the most consistent. There are also a few wahoo about so it’s worth trolling high speed lures as well.

For the gamefishos there are a few blues around. A really nice fish was caught last Friday on the North Coffs canyons, it weighed in at around 320kg. There have been a few blacks getting around as well. The water is around 27 degrees out on the shelf.

Around the headlands the land-based game boys have been catching a few longtail tuna off the rocks. Mutton Bird Island is definitely worth a look this weekend with that southerly. Some good tailor are also getting spun on lures around the headland.

On the beaches some good whiting are being caught, with beachworms being the best bait. For the best chance of success, fish those low tide gutters.

There has been the odd school jew getting around of a night. Find yourself a nice, deep gutter and fish with beachworms or squid.

In the estuaries there are lots of good whiting being caught in the lower reaches, both on bait and lures. There are quality flathead getting around as well. A few school jew are being caught up around the bridges in the Bellinger River and the Kalang.

In the upper reaches it’s a good time to grab your canoe or kayak and chase a few bass. The rain has caused the Bellinger River to rise a bit, and that should improve the fishing.

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