Weekly Report 07/03/14

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Weekly Report 07/03/14

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 07, 2014 2:14 pm

All about the mackerel at the moment. The macks are in full swing to the point where some people are having the best sessions they’ve had in years. One customer who bagged out by 10am spent the rest of his morning tossing hapless livies over the side and watching them get scoffed. We’ve been having good results on live slimies, as well as stickbaits like the big Marias and Orcas.

A few mackerel to around 18kg are also being landed off the stones.

There are plenty of tuna around 20-25, including yellowfin, which is a good sign for tuna stocks. Bluefin are being taken off the stones as well, including a 20kg specimen caught by Jez from MOtackle.

Snapper been coming in fairly close so the yakkers are doing quite well. My friend Mal has been catching decent 4-5kg specimens of late.

The beaches have been firing up. There’s still the odd jew around but obviously with clearer water there are fewer of them being caught. Plenty of whiting are playing the game though, which is fun for the kids.

The rivers have been touch-and-go, with the clear water making it tough. We should have had two floods by now but we haven’t had even one.

There have been good numbers of being caught, my biggest recently was a 1.4kg specimen. With the clear conditions you’re best off sticking to the smaller creeks.

Bream will continue to be touch-and-go until we get rain. The rivers are definitely not the best place to fish at the moment, but fortunately the other options are good.

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