Weekly Report 14/03/14

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Weekly Report 14/03/14

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 14, 2014 2:43 pm

We are still having some good runs on the mackerel, and the action should continue for another 6 weeks or so. Some people have been getting 10 or more fish per session, and an increasing number of anglers are discovering the fun of catching macks on surface stickbaits.

Plenty of tuna are being caught as well, even close in to the rocks, with a few up in the 15-20kg line class. There’s been a recent run of yellowfin which is great.

The mahi mahi are pretty active as well, and people have been catching them in pretty shallow water which is unusual. One recent shallow water catch was a solid 10kg specimen.

The snapper have slowed down; the snapper boys have been struggling to find them of late.

We’ve had big balls of mack tuna coming in which have been good fun in shallow water and even off the stones. They’ve been up to around the 5-10kg mark.

Bonito are back, and anglers have been cleaning up on them over the last couple of weeks by flicking 15-20g slugs off the stones.

Estuary fishing is still really tough due to the clear water, and the bass fishing has also suffered due to the lack of rain. The beaches are doing well though, delivering good bream and whiting.

Kingfish, samsonfish and amberjack are going great guns around the Lighthouse. Anglers are catching them on jigs and the odd livebait, and some boys have been throwing around surface lures as well.

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