Weekly Report 17/04/14

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Weekly Report 17/04/14

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Apr 17, 2014 12:03 pm

A few striped and mack tuna have been getting around the place, balling up around the rocks so rock fishers have the chance to get amongst them. If you use bigger lures you also have a chance at a longtail; around 10-15 have been caught over the last few weeks. The biggest went 50lb; not huge but still a solid fish.

The mackerel have slowed down a bit in the last week, due in part to lower temps and colder nights. However, there are some solidary big fish around. Now is the best time of year to catch big specimens, albeit not in big numbers.

The mulloway are coming into full swing. There are a lot of skinny fish around wanting to feed up, and they are very aggressive. They’re being taken around the headlands during the day, and at night they can be found out on the beaches feeding on whiting and bream.

There are plenty of whiting and bream along the beaches at the moment; one pro recently caught nearly a tonne of them in one night.

The mullet run is due to start next weekend, which is great for the mulloway. All the 40kg plus models like to sit around opening of the mouth when the mullet come in. The mullet also attract tailor, salmon and the odd mackerel.

In the rivers the bream are starting to come into their breeding season, and you can catch good fish up along the rock walls at the mouth of the river. The whiting are starting to slow down in the rivers.

Blackfish are starting to come on, with plenty of anglers gearing up for them. Groper and black drummer will start to fish well over the next couple of months, becoming very prevalent along the rocks.

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