Report 09/05/14

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Report 09/05/14

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri May 09, 2014 4:01 pm

Lot of tuna are still about, including stripies, yellowfin, longtail, mac tuna and bonito. The snapper season is also coming along well. We’re starting to hear some good reports from kayakers of 5-10 fish in a session.

The mulloway are starting to come in, with a lot of pre-spawn jew getting on the chew.

Tailor have shown up with force, and are great bait for mackerel and mulloway. Anglers have been getting 2-3 tailor in a session up to around 3kg.

Bream are on the beaches, along with the mulloway, and there have also been a couple of reports of 10-15kg tuna from the beach as well.

Whiting numbers have slowly diminished off the river flats, and they’re now starting to take to the beach.

Flathead and all our winter species (drummer, groper etc.) are coming into full swing.

Mackerel catches have continued to decline to the point where they’re now very sparse. Last week a cold snap dropped water temps by around 4ºC, and the mackerel didn’t like that one bit.

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