Report 27/06/14

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Report 27/06/14

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 27, 2014 1:37 pm

The mackerel run has come to a halt aside from the odd spotty, but we’re still getting good tuna. The longtails are averaging around 10kg, and there’s still some striped tuna and bonito in the mix as well. If you can’t find the longies you’ll find the stripies or bonito.

Snapper are coming on thick, with specimens up to around 15lb.

Off the rocks jewfish are getting caught; as soon as the new moon comes around blokes know to get out there and chuck a slab of bonito or squid. The average size is around 10lb, with a few bigger ones to 20lb and odd one up around 30lb.

There are good runs of tailor all along the beaches, and hopefully we’ll see the salmon follow in the coming month. How many salmon we get is influenced by how many are netted for bait and for the Chinese market. Last year we had only a small run, so we’re all hoping this year will be better.

At this time of year the big sea bream are all along the rock walls, and blackfish, groper and drummer are all getting caught in the washes. The latter three species have been getting picked up on crabs, bits of cunje and bread berley.

The flathead and whiting have quietened down. It’s always hard to find those species at this time of year; summer is a much better time to chase them.

We’re getting a few trevally coming up and down the rivers, consisting of brassies, GTs, silvers and big-eyes. They all school up together in a mixed group, so you never know what you’re going to catch next. At this time of year the best way to catch them is with plastics or deeper divers. Vibes have also been catching their share.

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