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Report 3/10/14

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 11:00 am
by subeditor
The beaches have been fishing well, however the winds have been bad. The northern beaches have fished better due to the wind direction and catches of good whiting, bream, tailor, salmon and the odd mulloway have been reported.
Baits of pillies, squid, strips of bonito and beach worms have all produced quality catches. Metals, poppers and various hardbodied lures have been working on the lure front.

Flatties have been becoming active with the warm water, and no rain in the last little while has ensured good water clarity.
Lots of bait in the systems has seen healthy numbers of bream, whiting and blackfish at the top of the tides, where the run-out has brought on the flatties and mulloway.

Drummer and grouper have been keeping rock fishers occupied, however kingies chasing tailor salmon, have provided some extra entertainment. Tuna of all sorts have occasionally come within casting range for rock anglers as well.

There’s been consistent numbers of snapper, trag jew and pearlies in the 20-50m depth range, and plenty of amberjack, kingfish and Samson fish harassing baitfish around The Lighthouse. A local fisher caught a 20kg kingfish from this area this week, but you have to be lucky as this bloke was when the kingfish ran out to sea instead of back into structure.
The Shelf has seen a good run of marlin, some of which are reaching 200kg. It’s a mixture of stripes and blacks at the moment and marlin numbers should be on the increase.
Snapper have been consistent offshore with plenty of pinkies and the odd one around 5-6kg. They have been moving in close, too, which is good news for the kayakers.

Kane Fairchild

Ph: (02) 6652 4611
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Re: Report 3/10/14

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 11:01 am
by subeditor
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