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Report 21/1/15

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:31 am
by subeditor
The Main beaches have been packed, and finding a spot away from the public is only a 4x4 away in most cases. The Jewfish have been pretty quiet, it's a hard one to figure out for most part with only the odd one getting caught. Whiting are a big player for most when hitting the sand and fresh nippers, Worms and flesh baits have been working a treat. With the Whiting, there have been some great sea running Bream. These hard fighters are great on light gear and are a lot tastier then the river found Bream that tends to be a lot darker in colour.

Rivers have been firing well with most trips ending in a nice bag of fish. Whiting, Bream and even the odd Flathead have been attacking the surface with gusto. Chasing the prawns as they make there dash towards the mouth are some great Trev's. These feisty predators will take most offerings worked fast like a frantic prawn and surface poppers, small metals, blades and softies have been working a treat. The Jewfish have been on the move and if you find them in the system there should be some good numbers. My last trip was dreadful, with at least 6 powerboats chopping the river till it was nearly the ocean I left empty handed in a spot i always seem to find a Jewie. Just goes to show if the boat pressure is around it can be hard, even in the best of spots.

The Marlin are here, not in huge numbers but they're here with some good reports of Black and even the odd Blue about. The season's starting off to be another great one. Fish from 20-80kg have been caught in the last week and they're in pretty close, even a kayak fisho could have a dig at one of these iconic east coast game fish. The Mahi Mahi have been at the FAD tearing up most anglers with light metals and softies being a great option in chasing these speedsters, at points they follow your offering metres away from the boat then pounce, lighting up in electric colours and tearing for the horizon. I have always had a soft spot for the Mahi, their beautiful colours and their table quality is just amazing. Keeping only what you need is a must in our day and age with more and more people getting into fishing daily we really should push hard for catch and release for the future of the sport, sure fresh fish is great but watching them swim off is also a great feeling and Mahi Mahi release fairly well so remember limit your kill, don't kill the limit. Mackerel are starting to slowly take off with a few reports about and the odd lucky boat finding a feeding school, this time of year can be hard to find a school on the chew and a lot of the time they're moving following currents. Trolling is a great option, covering a lot of ground quickly can be key to finding the fish then using your sounder to stay on the bait can work a treat when chasing these speedster.

Kane Fairchild

MO Tackle Team
Ph - (02) 6652 4611
Ash Holdsworth swum this 40kg+ Black Marlin before releasing it, as all should.
Trevally are always great fun to catch.
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Re: Report 21/1/15

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:33 am
by subeditor
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