Report 2/10/15

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Report 2/10/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Oct 02, 2015 12:47 pm

In the estuaries, there’s a few flatties here and there, mostly around sandflats and drains.
Further down toward the mouth, some big jew have been taken on the tide changes on both lure and bait.
The whiting are almost on, but as of yet they’re not quite hot yet. That said, thee’s been a few decent models caught on the top of the sandflats.

Along the beaches, bream, whiting and flathead have been dominating catches in the shallow gutters, but if you find some deeper water the jewies are there for you too.
The rocks haven’t been too bad, with the odd blackfish still getting around and a couple of decent jewies too.
The local rockhoppers should be excited too, as a few good blue and brown grouper have turned up in recent weeks.

Heading offshore, some good snapper are being taken from the shallow reef.
Perlies and trag are also getting around in good numbers, too.
Heading further afield, the past few weeks have yielded some cracking marlin, both stripes and blues, and just the other day a sail was tagged of Coffs as well!
For lovers of tuna, a few yellowfin have started to show up, but in patchy numbers.

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