Report 23/10/15

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Report 23/10/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 23, 2015 3:56 pm

We’re seeing really good runs of snapper, with 60-70cm fish pretty common out there at the moment. A lot of blokes have been getting them in around 30m of water, with the bigger fish tending to come from that deeper water around 30-40m. We’ve been doing pretty well around Pig and Split.

Lately there have been good showing of kings at the lighthouse. One guy last week got some dollies around the FAD and went on to get a couple of good kings at the lighthouse.

There are flying fish out there everywhere. A mate saw two free swimming marlin and caught one blue that went 65, so there are definitely good marlin getting around in close. Three days ago someone got a double hookup with a blue on one line and a stripe on the other; it’s rare to get them together. They were caught around the 50m mark just out beyond the lighthouse.

Dollies are starting to show up. The FADs are just starting to get barnacles and are attracting good numbers of fish. A mate other week dropped his GoPro down and got good footage of the dollies milling around down there. Frustratingly he couldn’t tempt one, possibly because the water was so clear. The following day a bloke got into them though.

In the estuaries the bream just came off their spawning run, and there are still good specimens coming off the beaches and rivers. The whiting are really showing up now as the water warms up. Flathead can still be found baking themselves in the shallows. Finding those sunbaking spots is key to getting a good lizard at this time of year.

Till next time, tight lines

Kane Fairchild

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