Report 6/11/15

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Report 6/11/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Nov 06, 2015 3:41 pm

There's been some depressing weather down this way, so there hasn't been many great reports coming in from out wide.
Even so, some small runs of tuna have been recorded in close, with snapper also hanging around. Amongst the little reds, there's been some good models being picked up.
Rat kings about 6-7kg have kept anglers entertained offshore while the weather has been unfavourable.

In the estuaries, flathead , whiting and bream have been thick. For those wanting some surface action, whiting on top have been very common these past few weeks. Some of the by-catch like bream, flathead, and even tailor and salmon can make the effort worth while.

Along the beaches, anglers have been getting some bream, but no real quality due to the weather. Before the weather set in, there were reports of good jew lying around the deeper gutters, some as big as 10-12kg. When the weather improves we're hoping it returns to this standard of fishing.
The salmon have tapered off along with the tailor, and it seems the only good fish are being caught around the headlands.

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