Report 27/11/15

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Report 27/11/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Nov 27, 2015 2:54 pm

Starting outside, kingies have been going nuts around the lighthouse, with good models taking stickbaits and poppers.
Wave Recorder has seen some good dollies, so they're worth looking at. Also the FAD has had a few schooling around it after being in for only 6 weeks. The better fish have been taking live baits of slimies, with the dollies being a bit patchy on lures.
Game fishing has seen a few few stripes out on the shelf, mainly in the 50-60fathom areas.
Snapper are still worth targeting with plastics inshore Anglers are working hard, but good quality fish around 91-95cm are being taken fairly regularly.

In the estuaries trevally have been smashing poppers, which is great fun on light gear.
Speaking of poppers, whiting are showing up in good numbers in the lower reaches and smashing poppers at any opportunity.
In the upper reaches, the cicadas have well and truly got the bass going, and the surface bites have been very good. After that bit of rain we had, the Bellinger River has been going off.

Along the beaches, night time fishing has seen some good quality jew landed by dedicated beach fishers. They're mainly schoolies, so tere hasn't been any real jumbos, but some have been up aorund 10kg, with best results coming on beachworms and squid.

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