Report 11/12/15

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Report 11/12/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Dec 11, 2015 2:52 pm

Starting outside, blue and striped marlin are getting bout on the shelf.
Closer inshore on the reef, there's still a lot of cold water around, but a few Spaniards are showing up early, and the odd model around 20kg has been taken.
The lighthouse is going off for kings at the moment, with stickbaits being a good choice of presentation.
Around the headlands, jew are making regular appearances around the rocks, and hardbodies and softies are accounting for plenty of good fish. There have been a few fish around the 12kg mark.

Along the beaches, whiting are a good option around the gutters at lowtide, with beachworms being the pick of the baits.

In the estuary, whiting and flathead are in great numbers in the bottom reaches, and whiting on poppers is still a good option.
A little bit further upstream, trevally have been smashing poppers and softies, and usually traveling in schools, sometimes up to 4kg!
In the top reaches, bass are becoming more and more active, especially with the little bits of rain here and there. The Bellingen River and cicadas are the clue!

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