Report 15/1/15

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Report 15/1/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Jan 15, 2016 3:04 pm

Offshore, the snapper have been going hard, with plenty of good-sized fish being caught. Not massive, but fish around 3kg have been showing up.
There's a lot of bait in close, but it's not ideal bait, with only the odd slimy and more yakkas than anything.
Spotties are showing up for those who're trolling livies, and the odd Spanish is mixing in with the spotties.
Small yellowfin in the 3-5kg range are reasonably common at this time of year, so plenty of these little rockets are getting about. Trolling hardbodies seems to be bringing the yellowfin undone.
Wahoo are coming right in close at the moment, with captures being made only a couple of km offshore.
There's plenty of dollies getting around the FADs, and with most anglers targeting mackerel right now, the FADs have seen little pressure.
There's a few marlin getting about, with some decent models being landed from the game crews.

On the rocks the jewies are getting caught in good numbers, and 3-5kg seems to be the average size.

The esuaries are still a bit quiet, but should fish well in the next few days after the good cleanout we've had from this rain.

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