Report 22/1/16

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Report 22/1/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jan 22, 2016 1:11 pm

The weather has been patchy for those wanting to chase pelagics, but there have been quite a few Spanish and spotties in close. We’re seeing plenty of people out there getting and some nice fish. Spanish not big 8-10kg.

A bit wider the 40 fathom line is fishing quite well, with temps around 24.5 degrees. There are quite a few small blacks around and a few dollies and wahoo mixed in.

Around the headlands some reasonable school jew are getting caught. For the land-based game guys, it’s worth having a spin for a Spanish or a longtail, as there’s quite a bit of bait in close (the water temp is 23.9 degrees along the edge of the rocks).

Around the beaches some good whiting are getting caught, with low tide gutters and beach worms the biggest key at the moment.

In the estuaries the whiting boys are popping a lot of good fish on Bassday Sugapens. Some really have been good flathead coming out of the lower reaches. They’re being caught on a variety of 3” soft plastics.

In the upper reaches there are plenty of cicadas so it’s worth chucking a canoe or kayak in. There are good bass catches coming from the Bellingen River and Kalang River.


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