Report 12/2/16

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Report 12/2/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:30 pm

Offshore, the warm water has come in close, which has kept the Spaniards and black marlin in close, within easy reach for most boaties. here's been a few decent ones caught to the north,with Spaniards to around 15kg and over being reported/
Out wider, the crews have been getting big marlin, black and blue, as well as a few dollies.

In the estuaries, bream have been around in great numbers, and plenty of flatties and school jew have been taken by those fishing with lures and live baits.
On the flats, the whiting have been going very well for those using poppers and other surface lures.

Up in the fresh, it's business as usual with the bass still biting hard, especially on the hotter days when the cicadas are chirping. River levels have stayed pretty steady, which has lead to very consistent fishing.

Along the beaches, there's a few whiting about, along with school jew, but not too much action has been reported on the bream just yet. Fresh worms have accounted for most of the good captures on the beaches lately.

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