Report 11/3/16

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Report 11/3/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Mar 11, 2016 3:36 pm

Offshore there's plenty of mackerel about. They're in large numbers up and down the coast, and most boats heading out are getting a feed. The only issue is getting hold of slimies - they've been a little tricky
The odd blue marlin has turned up, with the odd wahoo and dollie thrown in as well for those out wide.
In fact, wahoo have been in than normal, sometimes as close as closer to lighthouse.

In the estuary, bread and butter species have been going strong, with bream and whiting still fishing very well.
Further upriver, mangrove jacks are still smashing lures and baits and further up still, the bass fishing is red-hot.

Along the beaches, whiting have been in good numbers but there hasn't been too many bream.
Tailor are in fine numbers with all the bait around, and there's always a chance of a school jew here and there.

Off the rocks, mackerel and longtails have been taken by those putting in the effort, and the usual bread and butter rrock species have also been keeping people occupied.

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