Report 8/4/16

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Report 8/4/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Apr 08, 2016 2:11 pm

Out wide, the mackerel have been going nuts. While sometimes they can be a bit patchy, trolling livies is a great way to find them most days, with some also opting to float a few dead baits for their mackerel fix.
Wahoo are also about, although they take a bit more finding at this time of year.
Marlin are still going strong. Over the weekend there was a marlin comp down our way com went well and many marlin were tagged.

On the stones, there have been a few mackerel taken, which is very exciting. Catching big fish from the rocks is what some people live for, and the rock fishing is still hotting up in our area.

In the creeks, the trevally have been going great guns, with feisty trevors busting bait all through our creek systems.
Whiting are still a good option to those fishing in the estuaries, and there's rumors of the occasional jewie getting about, but apparently the numbers have been quite sparse.

Out west, bass are starting to thin out as they prepare to spawn. Cool, low water has lead to decreased catches of bass, and the few holes with enough water in them have been hit pretty hard by locals.
Trout are still a good option at this time of year. Trout numbers have been good right up in the headwaters, just don't walk through any fences or enter someone's land without permission.

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