Report 20/5/16

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Report 20/5/16

Post by subeditor » Fri May 20, 2016 2:00 pm

Out on the blue the Spanish are still being taken on trolled baits and lures, and there's also the occasional spotty in there too.
Snapper are turning up, and there's been a few stories of reasonable catches in the last week.

Around the rocks, the tailor are going strong around most of the headlands, providing great smoked meals for whoever catches them.
Also around the headlands lurks the odd Spaniard and longtail tuna.

In the estuaries, there'll be a few big bream kicking around with the spawning season looming.
With this cold weather approaching, the whiting seem to have just about thinned right off, but there are still a few up on the sand banks.
There have been reports of some school jew in the estuaries, but nothing concrete as yet.

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