Report 16/12/16

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Report 16/12/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Dec 16, 2016 2:45 pm

Out wide the fishing has been patchy at best. There are a few dollies around the FAD and the wave recorder, but that's about it at the moment.

Inshore some good snapper are being taken anywhere from off the rocks out to around 50-60m. The odd kingfish is still around the lighthouse but they're dwindling.

Rumours of mackerel whispers a couple caught off woody

Baits been good plenty of slimies a couple of weeks until the mackerel start turning up in numbers

Off the rocks there are a few snapper and a couple of tailor here and there. The bream have still been pretty good as well. Jewies have been a bit hard to find. The odd one gets picked up from time to time, but it's very hit and miss. It's a similar story on the beaches.

Up the rivers there some flathead around which is nice after the comp, which was a bit of a bust. There's always a few bream around as well. Whiting and trevally are being taken up the creeks on surface lures. We've been getting good results on Atomic K9 Walkers, but any clear surface lure should do the job.

The bass have been really good if you can get into a sneaky spot. Some really good size fish have been caught in recent weeks. Spinnerbaits are getting good results through the day, and cicadas are starting to work as well.

Trout have been OK up on the hill right up the top around Dorrigo. A lack of water and a few warm days have upped the water temps and made the fish a bit dopey, but if you find deeper holes you should do OK.

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