Report 2/2/18

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Report 2/2/18

Post by subeditor » Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:19 pm

Starting offshore on the shelf, there's been heaps of marlin of all sorts.
As you move in closer, you'll find lots of dollies and wahoo at the wave recorder, the FADs and the fish traps.
Closer still, there's been some reports from the lighthouse of snapper, kingies and the odd Spanno being taken on lures and bait.
Inshore further, there's been snapper, pearlies and trag as well for those after a good feed.

On the beaches, there's been good numbers of jew after this rain, and with more expected, we should see jew action continuing.
Tailor have been on our beaches, with a few dart, bream and whiting throw in as well.
On the headlands and mouths, jew and tailor should be there for the taking.

Into the rivers, flatties and jacks have been dominating catches, and providing plenty of thrills for both bait and lure anglers.
And finally, right up in the fresh, heaps of bass have been taken on spinnerbaits and topwater baits.

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