Report 21/9/18

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Report 21/9/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:16 am

Wind and then stronger winds was the story last week northerly or southerly it didn’t matter it made conditions rotten for inside and outside. So unfortunately the reports are sketchy. There were a few brave souls that ventured outside for some really nice Pearl Perch off Scotts Head coming home battered and bruised with a few Snapper and Tuskies in their bag. Not too bad in awful conditions. A couple of the Charter Boats worked the Fish Rock area for some fair King Fish while Mowies were in good numbers if you were into those. Let’s hope more stable conditions are on the way.

There were some quality Jewfish caught in the river last week but live bait is critical. If you can sneak outside, to the Bait Buoys and get your live bait come back and fish the Breakwalls with a nice Slimy or Yellow Tail you just might get that dream fish you have been chasing. Good numbers of Bream were about with one or two nice Lizards reported in various locations in the river.

Main Beach fished well for Tailor and Bream off the Boulders near the Surf Club while Smoky Beach, if it wasn’t blown out had some quality Bream coming out of the surf. Most Rock fisho,s stayed in bed waiting for the conditions to settle, probably a good idea.

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