Report 20/04/18

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Report 20/04/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:16 pm

Cleaner clearer water has activated the Mackerel through the week with some better numbers caught off Grassy. Mainly Spotted Mackerel were in the bag but there were some nice Spanish in the mix. There were plenty of Shark stories through the week with Sharks taking Fish and the Sharks taking Sharks, what’s going on. Live bait is still an issue but these Mackerel are taking well-presented dead baits. Still up North good catches of reef fish continue with quality Snapper, Trag and Pearl Perch coming in. You may have to travel up to Nambucca but it will be worth the fuel. Long Tail Tuna and Mac Tuna are in good numbers along our part of the coastline with the odd Yellowfin amongst them.

There were some nice fish caught in the river this week. Jewfish up to 15 kilo and some cracker Flathead were landed off the Break Wall both North and South sides. Bream are in numbers along the walls and Oyster Racks while Whiting have slowed down there has been some quality fish amongst them. Jerseyville is fishing well for School Jews out of the dirty water. There are signs the winter is coming with a few shows of Blackfish and Mullet coming in the river.

Smoky Beach is going off at the moment with Tailor, Bream, Dart, Flathead and Whiting being caught. Back Beach has the odd Flathead mid to full tide.

Off The rocks Tailor and Tuna have been caught with Trevally in above normal numbers.

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