Report 4/5/18

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Report 4/5/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon May 14, 2018 2:10 pm

The Merimbula region has experienced some cracking good weather of late making it ideal for anglers fishing offshore. For those that have taken advantage of the perfect conditions they have been rewarded handsomely with the fishing being excellent especially for those after a feed from the reef species.

Snapper is the word at present with this fine table fish in solid numbers on most local reefs. The fish are averaging two kilo with the odd better model upwards of 5 kilo so some nice ones to be had. These bigger fish are a little wary and been around for awhile with the fishos catching them generally fishing the freshest of bait with squid and cuttlefish definitely the stand-out baits to use. A few switched on lads are getting them micro jigging with lighter gelspun lines with jig sizes down to 30 gram on some occasions when the sea and current conditions allow. This may seem light tackle to some but you will be pleasantly surprised at the size of fish that can be caught on 6lb braid line. Snapper isn’t the only reef fish being caught, morwong, pigfish and a few kingfish to 8 kilo have also come from the same grounds so a mixed bag can be expected. The only down side to this fishing at present is the amount of green toads that have infested some reefs. If this happens to you then a move is required or the tackle account will rise dramatically. Better reefs at the minute include Whitecliffs, Horseshoe, Turingal and old faithful Long Point straight out the front of Merimbula. If you’re after a feed of flatties try 40-50 meters of water off Tura Head. These tasty morsels have been in deeper water of late with a mixture of sand and tigers playing the game.

Further offshore the marlin have slowed up somewhat but there’s still the odd bigger striped patrolling the shelf-line. A lot more crews are trolling later in the season as the bait balls have dried up so doing the miles will still get you results. The bonus of trolling skirts is yellowfin tuna come into the equation especially if trolling skirts around that 8-12 inches. There’s been some nice tuna to 51 kilo caught over the last week and l expect quite a few more to make their presence felt over coming weeks. We should see a few more albacore to plus an influx of mako sharks as the water cools that little bit more also.

In the estuaries it’s firing on all cylinders with the top lake in Merimbula excellent. This tiny bit of water looks featureless but is loaded with fish at the minute. There’s plenty of flathead to be caught with water depths of 4-7 meters being ideal along the ribbon weed edges on the southern part of the lake. Casting a range of mid sized soft plastics and soft vibes will see plenty caught with the best I’ve heard this week going 86cm, a very nice fish. Most are averaging 40-50cm so good eating fish with the run out or draining tide seeming best. The time of day doesn’t seem to make a difference but the tides certainly do. In these same areas trevally, bream and flounder have also being caught especially when fishing vibes. If you’re after tailor then you’re in luck as the place is loaded with them. They are big to, with local gun Dave getting green-backs to 2 kilo and loosing bigger ones so some heavier leader or wire may be needed.

On the beaches it’s slowed up somewhat with the calm seas especially for the pelagics like salmon and tailor but there’s some nice bream and still a few whiting around. Look for beaches that have some sort of rockier formations, both Middle beach and the northern end of North Tura would be the pick here and both are fishing well for the above species. Try using beach worms or pipi as bait with lighter running sinker rigs the preferred method with the calm conditions.

Those anglers fishing the stones have had the best of it with salmon to 3 kilo, big tailor and still the odd bonito all succumbing to metal shiners in the 40-60 gram range. Some days are better than others but if you strike the day their on then your in for some serious fun. A few locals are getting 15-20 fish per session with the morning definitely being more productive. The bite windows of a few l’ve talked to say the bite may only be an hour or so but fast and furious with almost a fish a cast stuff, but as quick as it turns on it turns off just as fast. The trick is to be there when it fires which is easier said than done but time on the stones should see you be rewarded. The better ledges are Tura Head and Short Point though l know the rocks off Tathra point have been OK as well.

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