Report 8/6/18

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Report 8/6/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:29 am

Not ideal weather conditions again through the week with big seas and rain putting a damper on the fishing. Only a handful braved the conditions outside for some nice Snapper up North and in front of the Jail, with one or two Pearlies in the mix. Fish Rock has a few Kings around it but the conditions down there were very ordinary. There are Tailor in close off the rocks for the brave to hook up on the troll. The next week should be a cracker with better ocean conditions predicted.

On the beaches where most fisho’s are heading has fired up. Smoky Beach has some nice Tailor coming in off the edges of the gutters with good Bream and Dart along the beach. One or two Whiting are about in the white water. Gap Beach is also fishing well while on Main Beach around the Boulders tailor are there mornings and afternoon.

Rock Hoppers are in numbers with the annual team rock and beach competition over the weekend at Hat Head. A good presence of Tailor should get some great results.

The river Break Wall has produced some good Bream through the week with a few around the 40cm mark. Flathead have been caught in the shallows with the new Double Clutch Daiwa lures working a treat on these tasty lizards. Nice School Jew have been around the pylons of Jerseyville Bridge while some bigger units are coming in along the North and South sides of the Break wall.

Thank you for your support with the Garfish, we have sold out but hope to get more over the next few weeks, we will advise.

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