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Report 29/6/18

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:42 pm
by Nicole Penfold
Local fishing through the week has been very productive with good quality fish coming in from both outside and inside. Blue water fisho’s are smashing the Pearl Perch up off the northern reefs along with quality Snapper, Tusk Fish and assorted reef dwellers. Most of the fish have been out a little wider with the varying current. There are Leather Jackets in the mix out there so make sure you have spare gear. Off the Jail smaller Snapper, Kings, Jewfish and Mowies are in fair numbers while out wide towards the Shelf good reports of Cod and assorted deep water Fish are on the bite. Heading down south Tailor on the troll between the Jail and Green Island are in numbers while down at the Rock Rat Kings are hitting anything you throw at them.

In the river Jewfish have been about between the Cut and the Mouth with some nice fish amongst them. Bream are still in numbers along the Break Wall with a few Flathead coming in. Blackfish are starting to show up in various locations but we are still a way to go before bagouts. School Jew have been reported up around Clybucca and the Jerseyville Pylons. Flathead are still about in the shallow drop offs around creeks and tributaries.

Smoky and North Gap beach are producing good Tailor and Bream in the gutters while off the ledges Drummer, Tailor and smaller Kings are keeping the Rock Hoppers happy.

Take care on the Bars

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