Report 7/9/18

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Report 7/9/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:28 am

Strong winds for most of last week made it tough fishing outside apart from a brave few. With only a hand full of reports to go from I can tell you that there were a few Snapper caught in close of Grassy and Scotts with the odd Pearl Perch but there has been a lot of water between them. One or two fisho’s ventured south to Fish Rock for a few Kings but they were hard to find. I did have a conversation with a bloke down from Townsville and he said you could walk on the Mackerel up there, the most he has ever seen so hopefully we might have a good season when they reach around Christmas.

The beaches were a hit or miss through the week with a few days mid-week of good Bream in numbers out of Smoky Beach. There has been the odd Tailor coming in but not like the Green Backs of the week before.

In the river land base fishing was slow with a few Bream off the walls and a Flathead or two around the Tavern and Boatshead. If you get out amongst the Oyster racks you will find some nice Bream and the odd Whiting starting to show up. There has been a sprinkling of Blackfish caught but even though you can see them there not interested in the baits. For something different head up river and chase a few Bass from Kempsey up, they should be fit and ready to jump on your lures.

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