Report 21/9/18

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Report 21/9/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Tue Oct 02, 2018 11:00 am

We have some warmer currents coming down the coast with water temps up to 23 degrees in some locations. Pearl Perch and Snapper are being caught but you need to travel north past Grassy to get the quality fish. The Dot is producing some smaller Snapper and Mowies with a heap of pesky reef fish on the bottom. Kings were a little slow through the week down at Fish Rock but the odd good King has been caught just off the zoned 200 meter mark behind the rock. This warm current may have a Pelagic or two travelling with it, we will wait and see.

With the river warming up some nice Flathead were pulled out around the Boatshead and in front of the Tavern. We had a report from around the Cut that there were big schools of Blackfish just hanging not interested in any bait. Through to Clybucca, Flathead Bream and some fair Whiting were caught. Small Kings are running up and down the Break wall but they’re not keen on taking anything that’s thrown at them. Tailor have been at the end of the wall during the morning tides.

Off the beaches good reports of Bream off Smoky Beach with a few Whiting and Dart. A Flathead or two has been caught in the gutters along Back Beach. Get your feet wet and enjoy the sunrise.

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