Report 30/11/18

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Report 30/11/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:17 pm

Winds, Northeaster, Southwester all directions, that was the story last week. There was a day or two through the week where fisho’s managed to get out there. Fish Rock is really firing up for Kings and there are some big units amongst the Rats. Good schools of baitfish have moved in which is always a good sign. Out wide off the Jail there were a few Marlin caught in some great looking water. Dolphin fish are around the FAD as are some nice Bar Cod in that deeper water. Up north off Grassy Snapper, Pearlies and Trag were on the bottom, not in any numbers though and no sign of any toothy critters yet. There are a few Sharks about, right on que for the Mackerel season.

With that wind that was about last week it was a good time to head up past Kempsey and hunt for those majestic Australian Bass. Right now they are smashing surface lures and producing quality fish. Whiting are still around Smithtown with Flathead in the darker water. Jerseyville, around the Boat ramp and the Bridge Bream are in close with some quality Lizards on the flats. There were a few small Kings caught along the Break Wall on the fuller tides but unfortunately not much else to report.

It was a little slow on our town beaches with just the odd Whiting and Bream about. Gap and Smoky beach fared better with good numbers of Dart and Whiting and a few Tailor still lurking around. Off Smoky past Black Rock toward the Hat a couple of Jewfish have been pulled out of the surf.

Take care on the Bars
Paul Martin
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