Report 7/12/18

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Report 7/12/18

Post by subeditor » Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:26 pm

Well it seems it’s all about to start, good conditions were had with nice blue water and to top it all off there were Mackerel being boated off Grassy through the week.

There have been a few Snapper, Trag and Pearlies out of the same location off the bottom while further up north Smapson Fish and Tuskies are about. Kingfish continue to bust up some gear down at Fish Rock and Green Island.

If you can get out wide on the day Dolphin Fish are around the FAD in good numbers. Livies are also in good numbers so get a few, head north and hook a Mackerel or two.

There were some big Flathead caught last week in the river. Through the Cut to Clybucca and Stewarts Point were the hot spots. Good Bream were found along the Break wall towards the Mouth with one or two Jewfish caught out of the same location through the week. Jerseyville on the flats near the bridge produced some nice Whiting on nippers and worms. There are still good Whiting to be caught up river to Smithtown.

On the Beaches Main Beach around the Boulders had some good Bream coming in with a few Whiting around to Trial Bay. Smoky and Gap beach has some nice Gutters forming with mixed results of Whiting, Bream and Dart with an odd Flathead.

Take care on the Bars
Paul Martin
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