Report 03/01/19

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Report 03/01/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Jan 03, 2019 5:06 pm

Happy new year everyone let’s hope it is a great one. I will start with the bad news first, North Easter winds to 50k were had from Boxing day to now leaving many fisho’s frustrated and maybe a little too much time in the pub, but it is now starting to drop off. So from the time I sent this to print no one had ventured outside and thus no reports. Check our Facebook site for updates as soon as I hear anything from outside.

As a backup the river has been fishing well. Flathead are in good numbers from Jerseyville down to the mouth of the river. Clybucca through to Stuarts Point has some cracker Flathead and Whiting coming in. Double Clutch and Sugar Pen lures are working a treat on these fish. Along the Break Wall there has been the odd Jewfish caught with some big Fork Tail Cat Fish that will test your lighter gear out. Good quality Bream are around the Oyster Racks, just floating a lure between them should get you some action but you might want to up your leader.

On the beaches Whiting are in good numbers with Dart and Bream. Smoky Beach is fishing well and has very little red weed compared to the beaches down south. Back Beach has a few Whiting and Flathead with early morning more productive.

Take care on the Bars

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