Report 6/3/19

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Report 6/3/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 08, 2019 9:15 am

It was late coming but the Pelagics are here in good numbers. Spotted Mackerel are being caught off Grassy Head and up towards Scotts Head. There were a few Spanish about in the mix mainly taking the live bait. At the moment it seems slow trolled baits seem to entice the Spanish a little more. Sharks again are the problem just waiting for an easy feed under your boat. Yellow Fin up to 10 klio and Long Tail Tuna are out of the same location. Out wider in 60 plus meters the bottom bashers are getting some quality Pearl Perch and the odd good Snapper. Dolphin Fish have made a return to the FAD. Off the Jail Black Marlin are about giving our many Kayakers fishing in close a good work out. Good Jewfish have been caught off the bottom this week so it’s worth dropping a bait deep while you wait for that surface fish of a life time to hit. There are still a few Cobia coming in with a some Wahoo caught from the Jail down to Black Rock.

The rock hoppers are still doing it tough we thought the bigger seas from the last cyclone may have stirred things up but not yet. There are whispers down at Hat Head a few Spanish have been caught but rock hoppers like to keep that info secret.

On the Beaches it still is a hit and miss thing with Whiting at this stage not playing the game. Bream and Dart are common with a few Flathead in the mix.

There has been some sensational fishing in our river through the month with Cobia and Kingfish running up along the north and south side of the Break walls with the incoming tides. Up river there are plenty of Bream and Moses Perch to be caught along the walls. Both Land based and Boaties are getting some quality Flathead out of many locations. Over the last week or so Mangrove Jack numbers seem to be on the increase along our rock walls.

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