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Report 17/5/19

Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 2:21 pm
by Nicole Penfold
Once again we have been blessed with calm conditions for our blue water fisho’s. The water temps over the weekend were around the 23 degree mark which is why we still have some Mackerel action off Grassy and Scotts Head. We saw a couple of 20 kilo plus Spanish caught up north last week with fair numbers of Spotted Mackerel with some of these caught off the bottom. There were some cracker Snapper landed through the week with some fish up to 6 kilo. Pearl Perch and the odd Tusky and Trag are taking Pillies off the bottom around Grassy head Reefs. It is definitely worth trolling a lure out in front of the Jail on your way down to Fish Rock where there has been a few King Fish, because the odd Wahoo are still being hooked with a few Tuna as well. Bonito and Tailor are in close if the seas allow you to get in there.

The river has had some nice Luderick caught through the week, a little early but still quality fish. They have been up as far as the Boat Ramp cleaning tables. We are finally seeing some bigger Bream coming along the walls with reports of some kilo fish amongst them.

Flathead have been hard to find throughout the river, we know they are still there, it maybe the clear conditions so a run out tide may be best. There has been a quite a few School Jewfish about in the deeper water. I you haven’t already tried the Samaki Thumper Tail Vibes, give them a go they really working well on them.

There were some nice Bream caught off Main Beach, even though the netters were working the beach through the week. Smoky Beach has been producing nice Tailor along the beach with good Bream and a run of King Fish in the mix.

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