Weekly Report 15/5/09

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Weekly Report 15/5/09

Post by Tony Zann » Fri May 15, 2009 12:43 pm

Big swells last week kept most fisho on the close reefs for some mixed results. Trag were still on the bite but you need to travel towards Nambucca to get some. An occasional snapper and pearl perch were also caught in the same area but the numbers are not there. Grassy fished for the odd small panner snapper out of the green water. We did get a couple of reports of cobia last week from out the front; let’s hope we see more of these about. Bonito and mack tuna are all over the place while the slimies are a little tougher to get. Fish Rock has been real hot spot for kingfish over the past month and last week was no exception with some nice fish pulled out on the metal knife jigs.
Our river is certainly not playing the game at the moment. Catching a legal fish is tough, especially during daylight hours. There were some thumper bream caught after dark on the breakwall, well worth putting up with the cool conditions. There were a few flathead reported from various locations of the creek and the river eager to jump on a soft plastic bait or small live baits. Back Creek produced some nice whiting last week on the run-out tide at the creek entrance. A crew of visitors fish the Clybucca oyster racks for a few bream and whiting with worms working well.
It has been tough week for the beach fishermen because of the big swells but there were fish on the beach. Smoky Beach produced the odd whiting but the fish caught were good quality as long as you don’t lose your bait to the pesky small dart. Tailor slowed up last week with only a few landed out of the big seas. Gap Beach has whiting and the odd bream and flathead. Back Beach has some whiting and Main Beach has a few whiting and bream around the Boulders.
Special of the week: Alvey Blackfish combos only $99.95 with free float.
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